Tuesday, January 29, 2013

civil war sewing box class, etc.

Last Wednesday at Pioneer Quilts we had a class on making a Civil War style Sewing box. It is made of fabric covered paper pentagons that are then sewn together by hand,  assembled and embellished. We used old thread spools and keys and anything else that we have in our awesome stashes! Below are pictures of the projects in progress.

Carol is making great progress.

Sarah has her Sue Spargo Victoria bag with her.

I had a big head start and finished mine in class.

Mary Ann is very serious about her project!

The picture includes the needle keeper that goes on the top.

Gail enlarged her pentagons and will have a little bit larger version.  Great idea.



Nancy had some beautiful flower embellishments to add to hers.


The sewing boxes came together well and they are all unique. We stitched around the pentagons when they were all attached for a nice finishing touch.

On Saturday our Spargonian group met and worked on our wool projects. Here are some pictures.

These aren't designed by Sue Spargo, but she uses the same techniques to get these beautiful flowers. The book is called:

Sue has classes in which the students learn many stitches by making a sampler of leaves. This is a wonderful example.



Our work on the studio is going really well. We have someone coming to give an estimate on new windows. This one will be much bigger.

The window at the end of the wall will also be replaced. Painting is next. We are getting nearer to finishing. My husband, Loren, is a great builder!

Great cubbies for holding wool.


Our first class is this Saturday. I'm very excited about sharing my new space.

I am scheduling  a doll quilt making class in March. In the last post I pictured some samples and a doll bed available at Ikea. The small quilts can be hand pieced or machine pieced. I have some books with information about old doll quilts and they are charming. Let me know your choice of Wed. March 6, 10:30-2 or Sat. March 16 ,same time.

Also, I will offer a pin cushion class. Most of us have many pin cushion patterns and don't take the time to make them. Let's get together and share our wealth. I have wool to share and thread , freezer paper and I will supply the walnut shells to fill.   Here are a couple of dates to choose from. Wed. March 13, 10:30-2 or Sunday afternoon March 17, noon-3ish.

I want these classes to be as convenient as possible. If other times work better for you, please let me know. 

All classes are $10.00
If there are other things you would like to do, I'd love to know that also.
My email is: thequiltingb1947@gmail.com
cell: 503.680.7436

Wisdom Words: Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.  Ecclesiastes 4 v9

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Studio and classes

How is your new year going? I have enjoyed it so far, no snow or ice storms. Although, I wouldn't mind being housebound for a few days to get some serious sewing done. 

My husband has been making great progress on our classroom/studio. Here is an update.

The ceiling is all finished. It is corrugated tin and looks awesome. We have new lights that make sewing very easy.

Barn boards cover one wall and a new window will be installed, more good light.

One of the walls is the back side of our living room fireplace. We were going to install a gas stove to keep us warm, but the service man showed us a better idea. We now have a heat pump and will have warmth in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. I am very happy about that.


I know that I am particularly known for my tidiness! HAHA. Anyway, my cutting table has a great view of my neighbors house. When the top part of the wall is finished, we will paint and add a barn board shelf to put more treasures on.

We have an old wardrobe for coats and antique flavor. The floor will be painted and  a carpet added to keep toes warm. The lighting is so great that it is hard to take very good pictures.

All in all, it is ready to have some classes. I love to spend time there, even though it isn't quite finished. I hope to share it with lots of friends.

Which brings me to the next topic!!

I'm ready to offer a few classes here in the new Quilting B Studio.
Several of us have talked about doing some projects in the wonderful magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects. I would love to start with that. Here are a few dates to consider. I have quite a bit of flexibility, so please let me know what works best and then we can finalize a date and time.

The first project we would work on is the long snowman in the last issue.

How is Sunday afternoon January 27 from 1-5, OR Wednesday evening January 30, OR Saturday February 2, 11-3ish??? Please give me feedback on what your preferred days and times would be.

I would also like to offer a beginning quilting class and maybe a doll quilt class that would include making a doll and getting a doll bed and then making several quilts to keep her warm. Ikea has a cute doll bed for $20.00.

Maybe similar to this.

I would love your thoughts and suggestions about what you might like to work on.  I don't have product to sell but I do have things to share. I can give you a list of what you would need to bring.

Email:  thequiltingb1947@gmail.com