Friday, January 17, 2014

A Few Reminders

I don't know about you, but I am always checking my planner to see what comes next. I keep it all written down so I don't have to strain my brain to remember. Good thing because I forget a lot. With that in mind I am sending you some reminders of up coming events in my studio. If you look at the last couple of blogs you will see pictures of next classes that are planned.

Here they are by dates:

Tomorrow Sat. Jan 18 Live Simply at my studio 10-2

Sat. Jan 25 Prairie Women at Pioneer and Spargonians at Pioneer....the fun begins at 10

Sunday Jan. 26 at my studio is the Civil War Box Noon-4 or whenever.

****Special Open House day at my Studio Friday January 31 from 10-4. Come and stitch as long as you want and we will celebrate Chinese New Year...just for the fun of it. You are invited to see my studio and see the samples of up coming classes. Email for address...

At Pioneer Wednesday Feb 5 and 12 part one of Hand Piecing

Monday Feb 10 Girl Gang at Pioneer 10:30 - 1

Sat. Feb. 22 Prairie Women and Spargonians at Pioneer

At Pioneer Wednesday Feb.26 and March 5 Part 2 of Hand Piecing

Wednesday Mar. 12 at Pioneer is an all day class to make the Civil War Needle Roll.

Those are the main events planned so far. Tomorrow at the Live Simply class we will be scheduling our next Pin cushion class and the next Live Simply class. 

Here is a picture of Sharon's snowman from our last class.

Very handsome, don't you think.

And this is my Pumpkin Make Do from this Tuesday's class.

It was fun to do. You really should consider joining us for these classes. You learn new skills! 

I am hoping to entice you to come to the Civil War Sewing Box class on Sunday the 26th. it is made with paper hexagons sewn together and then we make lovely little additions. 

The last two blog posts have pictures of all the upcoming classes.

Hugo and Jennifer are back in The Netherlands. They announced the news of being pregnant on Facebook so I can write it here also! Pretty exciting. My only other grandchild is my Sylvia who is 17. She will graduate shortly before the new one is born! I am very happy about the news.


Are you reading any good books?

I just finished 

It really is a beautiful bittersweet book. I learned about the internment camps and more about the feelings between the Japanese and Chinese families during the war. I recommend it. 

Also, I  finished reading the 8 books by Louise Penny about Chief  Inspecter Armand Gamache. They are set in Quebec and are very intriguing as well as heart warming. The picture is of the latest one and, I think, the best.   I read all these books compliments of my lovely sharing friends! Let me know what books you are enjoying.


 Henny Penny table runner by Maggie Bonanomi - LOVE this one! by Susi Seyller

This is my newest project...this is a finished one. Mine is...

not this complete! I love Maggie's patterns and am enjoying this one very much.

Still not sure about the bird color. He isn't really quite this orange...

Here is my email address   I'll send you my address if you send me a note. Hope you will come to the open house or one of the classes.    Here is the address of my Etsy shop.

Thanks for sharing my love of quilting.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Here comes the sun!

Well, it was here a minute ago!

I hope you had a great Christmas season. I am still enjoying mine. Hugo and Jennifer are here until Monday and I am liking them being here.

One evening before Christmas, most of our family went to see the lights at the Grotto. Parking was a bit hectic but the night was dry and cold. The lights were pretty and there were groups singing in the sanctuary. It is a great place to take friends or people from out of town. There was a petting area with animals (what else would there be) and a place to buy cocoa or coffee. 

On Christmas Eve, Loren and I rode Max downtown to go to our church's service. The night was chilly and the tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square looked cold.

It was a great program. We enjoyed it a lot and then rode back out to our car on Max. I love downtown. When I was in High School, I rode what was called then,  Rose City Transit from my home to school across town. I transferred buses on 4th and Taylor and sometimes after school I would spend time in Woolworth's or a couple other dimes stores...maybe Kress's?? I think so. So many fun little things to look at. My brother bought me Blue Waltz cologne one time! Pretty fancy. My most favorite place to go in between buses was to the downtown library. I loved looking in the stacks and the magazine room and mostly just being in the building. It was a great feeling to be downtown on my own! I loved it then and I still do.

We celebrate Christmas morning at Ginny and Darren's. They are wonderful hosts and we all bring food and goodies and spend most of the day just lazing around and eating.....and opening presents.

The thing I always look forward to on arriving is my annual

Yep....bloody mary!! very tasty. We did have to endure that movie called Elf...not my favorite, but everyone else seems to like it!

Creepy!!!  3D

Our last family outing for the season was to see the Hobbit #2...Pretty good.


Now to coming attractions..........


At Pioneer Quilts,  Girl Gang is scheduled for Monday January 13 from 10:30-1. We are working on various projects. Ask me for more specifics or look at previous blogs for pictures. It is fun and I'd love you to join us.

Saturday January 25 is Prairie Women and Spargonians. Regular time, regular place.

in February on the 5th and 12th will be part one of Hand Piecing. It begins at 10:30 to 1:30....I think

This is what we will begin with:

The one above is Nancy Friesen's and the puny one below is mine!!

Variations on the Lemoyne Star. We will learn about different kinds of templates and how to piece them all together. This class will last for the two weeks and then Part Two of Hand piecing will begin on Wednesday February 26 and conclude on March 5. Same times. You can choose either class or both. Second class will work on:

tumbling blocks...there are several sizes to choose from

 and these are the ones that I'm working on

Better picture..mostly taupes.

I think it will be fun to work on these small hand pieced projects. I hope you will consider coming and learning this old skill. Look for these in the coming Pioneer Quilts Newsletter.

On March 12th, a Wednesday, there will be a Needle Roll class.

The Needle Rolls were used by  men who fought in the Civil War and women used them at home. There are different styles that we will learn about  and you can choose different additions to make it your very own. This class will last most of the day.  Check with Pioneer Schedule to see the exact time and cost.


At the Studio at Betty's 

The Crow pincushion in on Tuesday January 14th beginning at 10.  Come and join us. Let me know if you need a supply list.

Saturday January 18th beginning at 10 is Live Simply

Live Simply: March Mini Quilt

This is the one I'm working on.


Here are two samples of a sewing box that will be a class on either Friday January 24 and/or Sunday January 26. Please let me know which one works better for you....we may even use both days. The Sat. class would be from 10-maybe 4 and the Sunday class would start at noon and run til maybe 6. There are a lot of steps to the sewing box and it is fun make. I have lots to share with you including some of the cardboard for the hexagons. I need to know if you need a pattern so I can order them. I can forward you a supply list and things that you can do ahead of class should you want to. 

This would make a great addition to your sewing room or a wonderful gift. Please let me know what days would work for you. Thanks.

Classes held at my studio are $10.00 with lunch included.

Friday January 31st is Chinese New Year...the year of the Horse
10 AM until 4 PM
To celebrate, I will host a day of come and go sewing. This will be a time to come and see my studio if you haven't been here, or revisit me! I will have celebration snacks all day and you can come and stitch as long as you want to. There won't be any cost on this day, I just want to share my space. I hope you will be able to come.
Betty Anderson

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