Friday, July 31, 2015

My tomatoes seem to be simmering on the vine~~

  1. I'm all for living in a place that has definite seasons but I am now happy to pass summer and go straight to fall. I don't want August at all. Seriously, we are so much better off than other parts in the country so I will hush now and be grateful for something else besides weather.

  2. My husband, Loren, drives for Providence Elder Care. He has met some wonderful people that provide care facilities and he is so good to their residents that they sometimes give him of their bounty. These he brought home the other day and what a treat to get fresh eggs. They are beautiful in their varied colors. Maybe an idea for a quilt color! 
########################Don't know where the numbers came from and can't get rid of them! Sorry.

The next pictures are from a trunk show that Nancy Friesen provided during one of our classes. She is a favorite local talent who has a great line of patterns. This day she brought lots of quilts that she has done that are mostly Jan Patek/Linda Brannock designs. These are the kinds of quilts that many of us are doing in our Girl Gang class. You are invited to join us, the next Girl Gang meeting will be Monday August 10. The class meets from 10-4 costs $10.00 and I serve lunch.

I think you will agree that she has a great ability to sew awesome quilts...a few more....

We enjoyed Nancy being with us. She is inspirational and lots of fun. Thanks, Nancy


Mary Ann is working on the Brannock/Patek Collections quilt and is far ahead of the rest of us. Here is her beautiful basket block.

Sandra brought a bouquet from her garden of white flowers. I am saving the picture to take to the garden store to get some for my garden. They are beautiful. Thanks Sandra.

This fall I am going to add a few one day special classes. One of them will be covered boxes. There are so many fun things that you can do. This is one in progress. Next blog will have some finished examples.

It is a lot of fun and if you have seen Rebekah L Smith's new book you will want to come and make some of your own.


Here is the scoop on the classes for August. All classes are $10.00

***Thursday August 6 from 10-4 is the Fall Class....I am renaming this class the Autumn Fun/Open Sew class.

Image result for fall halloween patterns

There are so many patterns to choose from. Come and be inspired by what we are doing or bring your own choice. Fall is my favorite season and you just can't have enough pumpkin designs to celebrate the end of summer.

Friday August 7th is our First Friday class. You can bring any hand work and work with us. Need an idea??

Just a possibility.

Sunday August 9th is Open Sew Sunday. The open sew Sunday classes are the only ones that meet from 11-4. 

Monday August 10th is Girl Gang. You saw some ideas above. This is the one I'm working on.  10-4


This week is pretty full of choices.

Thursday August 13 is Maggie Day. We work on Maggie Bononami projects.

Friday August 14 is Whatever Day....We have worked on Reets Rags to Stitches projects and some of us are doing Rebekah L Smith projects. Let's see what you are working on!! 10-4

Saturday August 15 is our Dolly Quilt Day. Small quilts are wonderful to make and so much faster than their larger sisters. Please join us in making some beautiful little quilts.

Just an idea!!

Saturday August 22 is Spargonian Day...You guessed it...Sue Spargo is our inspiration.

This is from her current BOM..Karla is the bomb!!!

Sunday August 23 is Open Sew Sunday again....11-4

I think that does it for August.

Look for the Covered Box Class in Sept. as well as a Rebekah L Smith workday and something fun to try inspired by Janet Bolton.

Image result for rebekah l smithRebekah L Smith

Image result for janet boltonJanet Bolton 

Image result for rebekah l smithCovered Boxes

I think it is going to be a great Fall!

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Wisdom Words:Image result for wisdom words for summer

Image result for wisdom words for summer
Just bouquets for you today.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sum Sum Summertime!!

I know it is summer, but REALLY! I thought I lived in Oregon for the warm days and cool nights. Not the Hot days and the Hot nights. I am really looking forward to a cool down tomorrow. 

One good thing about the weather is that it is nicer to be inside stitching than doing anything outside. I am grateful for my AC in the studio and the lack of obligations so that I can stay in there and sew.

What are your favorite blogs? I like to read a blog and then see who they like and go there and eventually I forget where I started. Here are a few that I like and maybe you will send me some that you like.

This blog has some really pretty pictures. Nice pictures of yards with beautiful flowers.

Cute tutorial on making a wool sunflower.

Nice small quilts, great for doll size quilts.

Nice instructions on doing the stem stitch and other videos for stitching.


This lady has a new book just out:
My Book

and she has a project in:


She does beautiful wool work in a different style than we usually see. I would invite you to check her out.
She has a really nice blog and does beautiful work.

I will be having an all day workshop on her style in the fall. I hope you will join me in making some of her designs.

Another lady that I mentioned after my trip is Janet Bolton. Karen and I were privileged to visit her in her home and she has several books out and has a new one coming out any minute. I am anxiously waiting for it.

Image result for janet bolton

She does charming picture blocks and considers herself more of a picture maker than a quilter. I hope to have a workshop day in the fall with her designs also. Here are a few pictures of her work.

Image result for janet bolton

Image result for janet bolton

Image result for janet bolton

This is one of her books. You can often find them on Ebay.

Image result for janet bolton


Sometimes it is fun to break out of our boxes and try something completely different. I think these ladies add a lot to our craft.


Now to some class pictures from our local stitchers!

MaryAnn has been very busy.



Flowers from Sandra

Spargonian beauties of Karla



I apologize if I get your name wrong or if I forget who did what....

Getting ready for out BBQ on the fourth

We had some seriously good ribs, chicken and oysters cooked by our chef Loren. We had awesome pies and L and I made home made cranked ice cream! Really tasty.


As stitchers we often get our shoulders all cramped up and our hands overworked. I looked around for some exercises that we could do to loosen up. We get so wrapped up in the joy of quilting that we are all stiff!

These look like pretty good ones.

Give them a try. As much as sewing calms the mind, we need to stretch our tight muscles also!!

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