Friday, January 29, 2016

A Sunny Moment in January!

January is a funny month. We have made and maybe broken our New Year's Resolutions, it has been really cold, it has been rainy and snowy and sometimes pretty warm and sunny.

It is a great month to spend stitching with friends. It is a wonderful month for hot spicy soup and nights with  warmth from a fireplace and maybe hot chocolate. 

We have been sewing a lot of new things and some of us are finishing projects that we started some time ago.

These pictures will be a variety of projects done in several different classes.

This in a Maggie Bononami pattern nicely done by Barb

This is also a Maggie B pattern being stitched by Nancy.

This is a pattern design by Sue Sparge and beautifully done by Marcie.

One cute kitty by Karla

Cindy has done this Sue Spargo design in record time. It is spectacular.

This is the back and I'm proud to say I dyed most of the wool

Sue Spargo again, this time done by Marlene.

This beautiful Clothespin bag was made by Susan. It is called a "ditty bag" and has been cross stitched.

Judy is working on a Maggie B pattern and this is just the first of many blocks. It will be quite large when finished.

Sharon is working on this beautiful table mat.

We had a penny rug class and some of us bought kits from

The following are a few in progess

Others are doing their own designs.

And of course, Oscar had to get in on the fun.


If these classes look like fun, you are welcome to join us.

February starts off  with:

Open Studio on Thursday February 4th from 10-4 with lunch served.

Girl Gang meets one Monday February 8th from 10-4 with lunch.

Sunday February 14 and 28 are Open Studio Sunday from 11-4 with lunch

Knitting Day is Monday February 15 from 10-4 with lunch

Maggie B Day is Thursday February 18th from 10-4 with lunch

More classes listed in the next blog....

Some of us are still on our Weight Watchers journey. We are doing well. I am serving lunches using recipes from

She posts on Facebook and also has a cookbook.

Doesn't this look good????

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate you taking the time.

Wisdom Words:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” —Michael PollanIn Defense of Food     *****His program on PBS was really good...b


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January blog posting

I haven't written anything for a long time! Holidays and my Dutch family was here and then I misplaced my camera until just now. Those are my excuses.

So, the pictures I'm going to add today are from Christmas and from the last class we had before the holidays took over our lives. We are now back to a regular schedule and I'll list classes for the next few weeks.

Judy has carving as a talent as well as doing beautiful stitching. Here are a few of the things she brought to show us.

AND she brought the delicious peanut butter balls.

These are a few of the cookies that Ginny, Carrie and I made to share.

Very Festive

And then Brenda outdid us all this day....

Then Oscar wanted in the picture!

This is my once a year Bloody Mary, although I admit that I had one at Thanksgiving also! It is a very Christmasy color!

Not all of those cookies were for me.

I must include two pictures of my little sweetie Nora.

It was great having Jennifer and Hugo and Nora here for a visit. Christmas at Ginny and Darren's is so much fun. They are amazing hosts and have more fun food than you can imagine. We had so many laughs and lots of stocking fun. No matter what happens during the year, for this day, we celebrate together in a wonderful way.


Now for 2016. I've added a couple of classes and renamed a few. I hope you will find something to pique your interest.

For the rest of January

This Thursday January 21 is Maggie B day.   10-4 Good lunch served!

Saturday January 23 is Spargonian Day    same time, another good lunch

Sunday January 24 is Open Sew Sunday    11-4 and lunch

Monday January 25 is scheduled as Penny Rug day. If you have wanted to make one or have one in progress, come and stitch with us.   10-4  and lunch

Wednesday January 27 is called Last Wed. Open Studio    Bring any hand work project and share the day with us.     10-4 and lunch.


                           The beginning of February brings:

Thursday February 4 is Open Studio   10-4 And lunch

Monday Feb 8 is Girl Gang/Open Studio    10-4 and Lunch


Watch for more classes scheduled in the next blog. If you'd like more information about the rest of the  month, email me and I'll send all the rest.


Any one else start Weight Watchers this year? I have been many times and am going again. I hope to be very successful this year. I found a website called     She has very good recipes and WW points listed. She is on Facebook if you like that. I love her choices and serve many of them now at class. They are pretty quick and easy and very very tasty.

16 Bean Soup with Ham and Kale – a hearty soup, high in fiber and perfect for freezer friendly meals. Weight Watchers Smart Points: 5 Calories: 155      

16 Bean Soup with Ham and Kale

Looks good, Right???

Wisdom Words: Computers that give you problems develop patience......hopefully.