Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Happened to May?

I don't know about you, but I don't think I remember all the days in May. It was the first week and now here we are at the end. Maybe if I just sit still for a while it will seem slower. I think it must be all the fun in life that makes it go soooo fast.

The first pictures are of our last Spargonian class and now this Sat. it is time for the next class. See what I mean?

Judy is making a purse (bag) from a Sue Spargo kit...Mine is on the right. It is such a great size and fun to make all those bullion knots!

Linda is working on the border of her Block of the Month .


Bird Dance book is now available.

Imperial Blooms is blooming,.....sorry


Book available also.

more Blooms. This is an incredible quilt with so many beautiful stitches.

The Firefly shown here ties into our class that finished this past Saturday.

Beautiful progress

These are blocks from the Flowerbed Quilt. They are so fun to embellish.


When I am in my studio either by myself for with friends, Oscar doesn't like to be left out. He will happily sleep on the chair if "dad's" coat is there for him.

he doesn't look that comfortable to me, but as long as he is happy.


I decided that maybe I would make an item of clothing for my new granddaughter that is coming. I have not used a paper pattern in a lot of years and wasn't sure that I was up to the task.  The following are pictures of the bloomers that I made.

So cute I had to make two pair.


At our Girl Gang meeting, Carol brought this quilt that she found in her stack to finish. She did a beautiful job and picked out border fabric.

Next are some of what we are working on in this class.

You, too, can join in this fun. Girl Gang meets the second Monday of every month.


At my studio we worked on Turkey Lurkey! I love the background that is used here. I wish I had used this color also.

More turkeys!

This is our class on making the Firefly needle keeper

A customer of Pioneer Quilts brought in these beautiful peonies.   And lastly there is picture of two of my Firefly needle keepers.


My yard needs a great deal of work, but among the weeds are some really pretty flowers.

The next one really looks over towards my neighbors yard.....hers is prettier.


I know most of you are aware that Pioneer Quilts will be closing soon. I invite you to share your sadness with them. Also share your gratitude for the beautiful shop they have provided us. It is hard to maintain a business and to serve all who visit. We have been blessed to have them and the array of fabrics and wool to choose from. They will be sorely missed.

I hope to keep my classes together by having them at my studio. More information will be coming soon. Watch your emails! For now, my Girl Gang will proceed as usual on the 2nd Monday and Spargonians will be on the 4th Saturday. More news about Prairie Women will come soon. 


I have a class at my studio on Thursday May 29 called Crow and Pumpkin. First Friday will be on June 6. You are invited to bring whatever you are working on and sew with us. 10-2... Classes at the studio are $10.00.


Wisdom Words...from my reading today in Psalm 141 v 3  "Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!"        That is a big wish and prayer of mine....not to let gossip or careless words cause hurt to anyone.

Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy writing it and I certainly enjoy hearing from all of you. Email address is:   cell phone is 503.680.7536