Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beautiful Freezy Morning

What a beautiful morning! I know many of you will be stuck because of  ice or snow or cold, but it is pretty. The other day this is what my car window looked like:

Even when the ice crystals melted, I could still see their outlines a couple of days later. Nature is a marvelous thing.

This morning on my front porch I noticed that even though it is so cold, little shoots are coming up.

The hummingbirds have been happy to find nectar and so many birds have been feasting in our backyard.

I am so sorry that my picture of all the snowmen that we made yesterday didn't turn out. My fault. We had a good time making them, maybe if you would share pictures of your finished ones, I can include them next time. Each month we are making some primitive pin cushions. You may want to join in the fun. 

This and the next picture are the extent of my Christmas decorating! We had a new couch and two chairs delivered yesterday! That is decorating enough.

Working on class samples for Pioneer Quilts. Beginning in February, I will teach a two part hand piecing class, this in one part and this

is the other one. Nancy Friesen has kindly loaned me these for samples so you can see what other options there could be

I love this, the idea of the Lemoyne Star taken to a new height1

This is another idea for the tumbling blocks.

Debbie Busby made this for me a long time ago and it continues to be a favorite of mine. So you get the idea, lots of ways to use these blocks. I hope you will consider the class. It will be held on Wednesday's in February.

I love these dolls from Maggie Bononami. I think they will be coming to life in the new year.


If you were interested in the blog I wrote a couple times ago about the get together this Friday morning at 10-noon at my home, here is your reminder. You can read it again or if you didn't---- the one called A Very Personal Post. If  you would like to come, please email me so I know who to expect.

It will be very informal. I will serve a light lunch. I have some ideas about what we could do to form friendships, doing a little Bible study, and maybe do a few service projects. If you want to bring along a little hand stitching, please do. I have no particular agenda, just a time of fellowship.  You are invited.


I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. My daughter and Hugo should be here on Sunday and that will be a great addition to our holiday fun. I feel very happy to have had my family close to me most of my life. That I have to share them with others, is not a hardship because I know they can bless others. I have the privilege of doing pretty much what I want to do and I hope that in doing that, I can be blessed to be a blessing.

Some images just set the tone for what we might dream of holidays looking like. I feel a little nostalgic for Christmases past and for people no longer here to share in the merriment. 

here's a toast to yesterday and tomorrow's memories

 May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart.
― Inuit proverb


. As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.
― Anonymous


Here’s to us that are here, to you that are there, and the rest of us everywhere.
― Rudyard Kipling

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Last Friday instead of going shopping at all the big stores, we decided to go out towards Silverton to visit a couple of wineries and to see where our granddaughter works.

We stopped at Abiqua vineyards


This is one that we particularly liked! If you are out that way you might enjoy stopping by. The day was cloudy and cool and the view wasn't quite as good as a sunny day would be.

We stopped at another place for wine tasting, but since we didn't enjoy it very much, I won't mention the name! We then went into Silverton. Sylvia has her first real job and we wanted to see where she works. It is a lot bigger than I thought and she was pretty busy.

It is a very eclectic shop and has things for little ones, books and clothes and then shiny things for tweens  and also cashmere scarves. I was very surprised to find this large, fun shop in Silverton. We found several things for Christmas gifts.

We also got to see the apartment where Sylvia and Carrie spend their week. They come back into Portland for the weekends.  

This weekend Carrie will be spending her time at

Ceramics Show & Sale at Clay Circle Studio

She also has a showing at

Gurdino Gallery



This Friday is our Bettys Bunch class that formerly met at Quilters Corner.   I'm renaming it to the First Friday Group! You are welcome to come to my studio and work on your current project. Some of us are working on the Flower Bed quilt by Sue Spargo, others are doing different wool projects. Most of us are doing handwork of some kind. The class is from 10-1 and I hope you will join us.

Saturday we will meet here from 10-2 and will be starting to sew our Buttermilk Basin projects. If you read my previous blog, there is a lot of information and pictures of this project. Here is a sample.

After sewing the background block you can add monthly smaller quilts to it.

like this:

If you go to  you can see all the ones to choose from.

Tuesday of next week we are meeting to make a snowman. Class is from 10-2

by In The Patch Designs.

This coming Monday at Pioneer Quilts is our monthly Girl Gang class. We have been meeting for a long time and have finished several quilts. Some of us are going to begin the Bible Quilt designed by Jan Patek.

The Bible Quilt BOM

Class is held from 10:30-1:30 and is $15.00 Hope you can join us.


I know you are all busy getting your holiday things together. Remember to take time to breathe and relax and enjoy the season. It goes by so quickly and sometimes doesn't meet our high expectations. Give yourself and others some grace and let it flow! Easy to say, hard to do.

Some things I hope to do this month besides sew are

23rd Annual Tuba Christmas Concert presented by SmartPark | 1:30pm
Downtown will pulse with the melodic sounds of big brass as over 250 tubas play in unison for the 23rd Annual Tuba Christmas Concert in the heart of downtown. This seasonal performance is FREE for the public to enjoy during one of the busiest shopping days in downtown

We have been to see this a couple of times and really like going.

Christmas Eve at the
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Date: Dec. 24
Come celebrate the incarnation with the A Jesus Church Family.

Times: 6pm, 8pm, 11pm
Childcare: 0–5 yrs (pre-k), ONLY AT 6 pm gathering

We went last time and it was so great. They gave us free Christmas CD's and it was very good. This is our church of choice and we love it. Consider yourselves invited.

And then Ginny invited me to the

I don't know if I can do it!! But anything I do with Ginny is fun, so I'll give it a go!

:)   :)   :)   :)

Jennifer and Hugo are coming for Christmas and what fun that will be. So many fun things to do!!!


All the classes in my studio are $10.00 and include lunch. I would love to have you come.

Betty Anderson

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Very Personal Post

I have been thinking about this post for some time and today I'm going to do it. I want to share some of my favorite things and show you some of the blessings that fill my life.

My first activity of the day is to make a cup of coffee and then I come to a favorite spot of mine.

In the room that used to be where I did my sewing, we have our computer and other things and my reading spot. Surrounded by a few of my favorite books and a little ambiance I have my Bible reading time. A couple of years ago I committed to reading through the Bible each year. I am pleased to say that I have kept this commitment.                 I can see in this picture that we should consider painting! Pretty Boring.

After the reading and the coffee, I start my day. Some days that includes walking with my friends Karen and Gloria. Gloria and I began walking together at the mall about 20 years ago.  She has seen me through various struggles and lots of happiness over those years. Karen joined us a few years later and we have been laughing and commiserating ever since. I cannot imagine how anyone can live life without faithful friends to see them through difficult times. They are a treasure to me.

Other days I go to work or go teach or the really awesome days, I get to stay home and sew. I am really a home body and never get tired of being in this house. My husband has worked all the years we've been married and has made it possible for me to do lots of things that I love to do. If it weren't for him, I could never have have my Quilting B experience. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to have my Studio that he made and I certainly wouldn't be able to stay home so much doing what I like to do. He has supported me and taken care of me and that is a treasure to me.

I love my red door that leads into the studio. 

We are moderate gardeners and I love my little maple tree...

that is just across from the giant maple tree that sheds these beautiful leaves. 

our backyard is a jumble of old findings and flowers. It is a peaceful place to be in the summer.

My studio has become a haven. A place to have friends come and sew. A place for classes. A place to sew by myself and look around at things that I love.  Here are a few of my favorites.

In our class this Tuesday we made these crows! They are charming.

We used coffee and black paint and brown shoe polish to give them an old leathery look. We are doing a snowman next time. 


Pattern is by In the Patch Designs and class will be December 10th 10-2

My daughters.

It is so interesting to see how our children grow and who they become. As much as we might like to mold them into who we'd like to see them be, they have their own way of growing and if we let them, they are probably right. Ginny, helped me on weekends when I had The Quilting B. She came and made cookies and we would sew together and laugh a lot. She brought sunshine into Saturday. She and Darren have a lovely home now and they are terrific hosts. We do Christmas at their home and it is always cozy and warm and they have the most amazing Christmas trees! They are treasures.

Jennifer now lives in The Netherlands with her new husband Hugo. They are making a life together far away from me and I think that is a good thing. They have a home that is full of light and the makings of a loving and considerate family. Skype has made the whole living far away tolerable! We can see each other and yak and do what we always do including bickering now and again. She helped me a lot when she worked with me and has always supported what I choose to do. She and Hugo are treasures.

Carrie and Sylvia. What a pair! I was given a huge blessing when Sylvia was born. She delighted my mother and everyone around her. She has a sunny disposition and chats easily with everyone. She is growing into a beautiful, talented and brave woman. Much of that is a credit to her mom. My Carrie was a very young mom and amazingly enough was brilliant at being a mother. She is an art teacher and a life teacher. Another two I'm their mom! I do see mainly the good in them all.


Yesterday at Nancy's home several of us gathered to sew and to eat! Nancy fixed a warming delicious soup and she made this table quilt too. She gave us the pattern to make one for ourselves. I have one block done! She is an inspiration. I'm pretty sure she doesn't sleep. I always come home from this group filled with new ideas and wanting to make more. Friends are full of encouragement as well as inspiration.

One of the ladies brought this cutie made from 1 1/2 inch squares. I loved it so much that I came home and made three of them. Someone also had a thread catcher and after much searching I found a pattern and made this

Pretty, useful and fun!


At our church there is a saying that we are Blessed to be a Blessing. I think that is a good life lesson. We are so blessed to be living in a great country, a beautiful state, a diverse city and for most of us, comfortable homes. We have family and even though we have serious troubles sometimes, we enjoy many things. And those of who love quilting, have the added benefit of fabulous quilt shops, beautiful fabric, and extraordinary friends.  I have all that and more. 

I love to have these kindred spirits in classes and at my home. I would like to add one more opportunity for those of you who would like, to come to a new time of getting together. This is for any of you who would just like to know each other better. Be a better friend. Be an apprentice to Jesus. I invite you to come on Friday December the 13th at 10-noon. I will serve you lunch and tell you my -- in progress--vision. I know that I have been given a warm happy place in my home and want to share. No cost, no agenda, no conditions. Just friendship. You are invited.

Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for being my friends. You make my life richer and lots of fun.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chilly November

A couple of Friday's ago, my friends Karen and Gloria and I went to the Quilt Show in Aurora.  This is my favorite time of the year and my favorite Quilt Show.

I love all the old quilts and most of them are hand quilted. It was a beautiful show and here are some of the things we saw.

Our destination.

I thought this little quilt was so charming that I came home and made one.

This old wool quilt makes me want to go to thrift shops and look for old suits to cut up.

The fireplace in the old house in back was blazing and there were cookies and cider. Also lots of misc. things to buy . I love the herb garden and in the wash house there were many lavender items that the herb society had made. I brought home some herbal salve for my dry feet and a small herb pillow to put inside of my bed pillow. Ahhh, sweet smelling dreams!


Our last Spargonian class was really special. We had lots of ladies working on beautiful projects. My pictures don't do them justice, but you get the idea.

Pin keeper in progress and Firefly Sewing Envelope

Red Clover

Imperial Blooms

Imperial Blooms

Imperial Blooms

Awesome pincushion

We had a great day. Consider yourself invited to join us on the 4th Saturday of each month from 11:30-2:30 at Pioneer Quilts. You will be amazed at the creativity in the class and you will be inspired.

I have new listings on my Etsy shop. Here is the link:

Hope you might take a peek! 

Girl Gang is on the schedule for next Monday November 11. Come sew with us at Pioneer Quilts. 


Studio Classes 

Next Tuesday November 12th from 10-2 we will be making a Big Crow Pincushion. Email me for more information. I will have a light lunch for you. 


First Friday will be December 6 from 10-1. You can work on most any project. Some of us are doing wool  projects and some doing piecing projects.  


Saturday December 7th from 10-2 will begin a series of classes using  Buttermilk Basins Live Simply series. 

This is the background and then there are smaller quilts to add to the top.

This is one of several. You can see them all at:

I would be happy to order any of the patterns that you need. Let me know


On Tuesday December 10 we will make a pincushion snowman. 10-2 Let me know if you would like a picture.

All the classes at my Studio are $10.00 and that includes lunch!! Gotta keep up our strength.


I am going to schedule a beginning quilting class soon. I would love your input on what days and times would work for you. I would like to try a Sunday afternoon from noon to 4. Would that work for anyone? We would begin with the tools of the trade and work thought measuring and then sew a small quilt. We will talk about batting, put our quilt together and bind them. I am happy to do an evening if that would work better. 

These chilly days are great for staying in and stitching. I enjoy it so much. I am finishing up a few things for Christmas. Hugo and Jennifer are planning to come in December so that is great to think about.


Wisdom Words...As the busy days of  November and December roll over us, take time to notice the joys of the season. There are wonderful smells that are special to this time of years as well lights and food and friends and family. Slow down and B R E A T H E. It doesn't have to all get done. Be grateful for what you can do and don't fuss over the leftovers!

Thanks so much, Betty   home phone 503.761.3772, cell 503.680.7436