Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Class Pictures and Thanksgiving

I know it won't be a surprise to you to know that I too, think this month is going way too fast. I don't know if it is an indication of having a great time or older age or what but I'm choosing to think it is because of all the fun.

Mary Ann has been making some beautiful projects of late and this is so cute.

Sharon is working on several pin cushions all at once. We cannot have too many. So little time, so many pin keeps.

This is from our Prairie Women Sewing Circle.

Pam Buda does a great job putting together materials and patterns for our group to do.

Giving you a variety of projects to enjoy.

Nancy's beauty at Prairie Women

I love the way these nine patches melt together.



I do apologize if I get your name wrong or leave it out. I don't always remember what is who's!  

Diana has been working on these next quilts for  a while and I think she has done a fabulous job.

Jan Patek's patterns.

Great job Diana.

Kindred Spirits bag pattern. Don't you wish one of these was yours?


We had Thanksgiving dinner in my studio. Lots of room to spread out and fill out plates.

Preparation Day.

Finally some food! My Granddaughter Sylvia and her beau, Zach.

I don't really have much of a green thumb for indoor plants but this year the Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus out did itself. 

Oh yes, I have had this shamrock plant for many years and have managed to keep it alive. I love the little white flowers that bloom ever once in a while.


More cuties!

These are Carol's.

She does beautiful work.

Michelle's rendition of a Maggie B pattern. I LOVE the colors she picked.
This was at our Sunday Open Sew class.

This is Sandra's. Do you love the difference in coloration? I would not be able to choose which one I love the most. 

Bev's. They are Maggie B pillows.

This pattern is on the front of one of the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazines. It is soooo much more stunning when you see it made in person. Sandra is working on the borders now and I can't wait to see it all finished. Sure makes me want to start something new.


You know when quilters get together that there has to be some eating done! Linda J brought these yesterday to our Girl Gang class from a bakery in Sandy. I must say that the chocolate reindeer was particularly delicious! Thanks Linda.


Here are the dates of the class to finish December.

This Thursday December 11 is Reets Day   10-4

Sunday December 14 Open Sew day 11-4

Saturday December 27 Prairie Women 10-11
  "                "            "   Spargonians   11-30-4

Sunday December 28  Open Sew 11-4

That's is for 2014. I will do another blog with January's calendar very soon.


Here is a place you might like to look. I may have said this before, but it is lovely.



what are some of your favorite blogs???

I am getting a nice supply of wool from Blackberry Primitives. Next post I hope to have some pictures of what is available at my studio.



Wisdom Words from Dove (chocolates!!)  ---oh sorry, I had to open several to find a couple good ones!

"You have a great laugh"...."Open your eyes to all the love around you."  ..."Feed your sense of anticipation!"

and from me, May you all feel particularly blessed...you are certainly a blessing to me.

Monday, November 24, 2014

AAARRRGGG It's Almost Here!!

First things first. More pictures of baby Nora. I have been remiss in sending you pictures of my favorite baby.

Nora and Sophie the giraffe!

Lady of Leisure

Nora is 4 months old.

I must say she is pretty cute. I talked to Jennifer this morning and Nora was sleeping...it is evening in The Netherlands. Nora is doing great and learning to imitate her mother. We will miss them this holiday season but I look forward to seeing them in the spring.


I have so many pictures to share with you. First I will list the upcoming classes.

Thursday December 4   10-4 Maggie B class

Friday December 5    10-4   First Friday class

Monday December 8  10-4  Girl Gang

Thursday December 11   10-4  Reets Day

Sunday December 14  11-4  Open Sew

Saturday December 27  10-11 Prairie Women
Saturday December 27   11:30-4  Spargonains

Sunday December 28  11-4  Open Sew

Wow, that does it for 2014. If you have questions about any of the classes, please call me at 503.680.7436 or email at   thequiltingb1947@gmail.com   

Would any of you be interested in having a class during which we would make Quiet Books for babies? I want to make one for Nora and I think I need the inspiration of others to get me going. I have some supplies gathered and even have a video of some suggestions for pages. Let me know you thoughts.

And now the pictures.

Sorry we didn't hold this up for a better view. This is Leigh's doggie quilt. Oh so cute.

Mary Ann's Reets pin cushion.

I love Sharon's faces.....not Sharon's face!

We love Reets Rags to Stitches patterns.

You can tell we are smitten.

We love things in progress. I am amazed at how much we get done on our sewing days.

If you aren't familiar with this ladies' site, check out 

This pattern was a new find at N W Quilters Expo in Reets booth.


I think this is a Maggie 
B pattern



Isn't it beautiful!

You may have seen Mr Turkey in progress before, here he is in his glory!

There is no end to what we want to create.

Between Maggie Bononami and Reets, we have been very busy.

Here are just some of what we worked on in our Pin Cushion Class. You are welcome to join us.


OK, I don't want to tire you with too many pictures. I hope your plans for Thursday are going well. My grocery list is getting longer and longer. Lots of fun to plan and nice to gather with friends and family. We have so much to be thankful for.

At Grandma's House
I like the taste of turkey
Any time throughout the year
But it never
seems to taste as good
As when Thanksgiving's here.

Could be it's all the trimmings
That are cooked with it to eat-
But I think it's
eating at Grandma's house
That makes it such a treat!

~Author Unknown 


A Turkey Speaks
I have never understood
why anyone would
roast the turkey
and shuck the clams
and crisp the croutons
and shell the peas
and candy the sweets
and compote the cranberries
and bake the pies
and clear the table
and wash the dishes
and fall into bed
when they could sit back
and enjoy a hamburger.

~Author Unknown