Wednesday, August 10, 2016




a period of reflection or thought.
"his musings were interrupted by the sound of the telephone"

c     characterized by reflection or deep thought.
"the sad musing gaze"


I admire people who are reflective. I don't think I spend much time in deep thought. Do You? Do you practice the art of introspection? Do you ponder? I like the word "cogitation" seems like an old word. Just wondering???


On another note, here is the calendar for the remaining weeks of August.

Sunday August 14 is Open Sew from 11-4.......I'm calling all the classes "Open Sew"

Thursday August 18 Open Sew 10-4

Saturday August 20 Open Sew 10-4

Monday August 22 Open Sew  10-4

Saturday August 27 Open Sew/ Spargonians  10-4

Sunday August 28  Open Sew  11-4

Monday August 29 Open Sew 10-4

Wednesday August 31  Open Sew 10-4

You are most welcome to come stitch and have lunch.


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I have admired Janet Bolton for a long time. Last year while Karen and I were traveling, we were invited to her home and studio. It was a real treat. Since then I have wanted to schedule a day to work on a "Janet" picture. I am planning to do this in October and if  you are interested, share a date in October that would work for you and I'll see about firming up a date. 

It is fun to learn a new technique. I have most of her books and we can look through them and  find just the one that appeals. 


Here is a cute pumpkin idea from Pinterest

Fall is coming soon and I am so happy!!!

Etsy store with primitive cross stitch

Shesh......that's a l o n g address!!


Class pictures

A Maggie Bononami design

Bev's cutie

Isn't this the best.....the Large safety pin is so cool.



We love our Maggie designs

Judy's punkin

Cross stitch is very popular, so many great designs

Karla's bag with Rebekah L Smith design

Needle keeper designed by Sue Spargo

Cindy's beautiful quilt with inspiration from Sue Spargo

Mary Ann's stitching

Susan's Crazy Cat!

So many talented people with such fun projects. Thanks!!!


Wisdom Words for Wednesday
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Image result for peanuts wisdom

Image result for peanuts wisdom

Thanks for reading my blog. Any Questions?