Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post Number 2

When I spoke of likeing Sue Spargo designs, this is a sample. This quilt is called "Flower Bed" and I have completed two and am working on number Three. I like the small blocks and find each one of them fun to embellish. Beads and ribbon and rick rack have taken over several containers so as to have many choices. All kinds of threads are useful to add touches of color and unique embroidery stitches. If you are looking for a smallish size quilt to try out your wool skills, this is a good one to begin on.

I have a class at Pioneer Quilts that is called The Spargonians....a combination of Spargo and Oregonians. We meet once a month on the last Sat. of the month from 11:30-2:30 to work on whatever Sue Spargo project you are currently working on. It is great for inspiration and encouragement. We just had a birthday party this last Sat. for our mentor, Sue. Join us anytime.

This book is called Book of Days and it is a template for making a handmade book that you can use for a journal or planner or make it for someone special. I am teaching this next Monday. It is fun to do and you can personalize it in so many different ways. Call Pioneer Quilts, 503.654.1555

I have been asked to be the featured quilter at the Sandy Quilt Show at the end of June. Here is the website to see more about the show.

I am very excited to be included and am on a mission to finish several things to bring. It is a wonderful quilt show and there are great vendors. Here is more information.

I hope you will consider coming for a visit. I will have a friendship quilt for you to sign and lots of quilts and pincushions and other stuff!

Until next time..keep on stitching.

14th Annual Sandy Quilt Show
June 29th & 30th, 10AM-5PM, &July 01st, noon-4PM
 at Sandy High School, 17100 Bluff Road, Sandy
Featured quilter/teacher:
 Betty Anderson
160+ quilts, exhibits, door prizes,
 & vendors’ mall:
A Designing Woman, Art N Sew’l, Bear Paw Quilts, BJ’s Rapid Edge, Bonnie Sewell Designs, Eagles Nest Designs, One of a Kind Ceramic Buttons, One World Fabrics, Paradise Quilts, Pioneer Quilts, Quilt Design NW, Quilter’s Corner, Quilter’s Cottage, Quilting Delights, Sew N Go, The Sojourn Collection, Stan’s Handcrafted Wood Products

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Adventure

My backyard is beginning to bloom. When the purple Iris is blooming at the same time as the orange Poppies, it is beautiful.

Purple basil! Now all I need is mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and a drizzle of
olive oil.

A word about the name that I chose for my blog: bettiespaghetti. My daughter, Ginny calls me by this special rhyming name and I like it! Also, there is a book called Men are like Waffles and Women are like Spaghetti by Bill and Pam Farrel . It tells how everything in a woman’s life touches everything else and how men compartmentalize everything! Well, that works for me and includes my quilting. My sewing has touched all parts of my life.

Beginning as a young girl sewing on mom's treadle machine in the basement, to embroidering pillowcases, to sewing my little girls' dresses, to finally owning a quilt shop, sewing has been a creative outlet and a way to teach others the craft that I love. Since I am now on a new adventure, working at Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas and teaching classes, sewing keeps on being a major part of my life. I enjoy the process and the companionship of others. Someone is always sharing an idea or a new technique and it keeps me excited about beginning a new project.

I love Sue Spargo designs and have made most of her many projects. You can take a look at her creations at . I know you will enjoy looking around. Check out her blog, pretty amazing. She has taught me many things, including how to lighten up and use colors that I had never considered before. We have decorated our home in a primitive style using old furniture and coffee dyed quilts along with older linens.
Since discovering color, I now use fuchsia, formerly unheard of in my vocabulary and fabric stash. Teal has wandered in and chartreuse has become my best friend! Seasoned quilters can learn new styles. It is a wonderful thing.

That’s it for now. Next will be some projects that I will teach this fall.