Friday, March 2, 2018

A fine March morning

Due to a cancellation in the Three Pines Tree class on this coming Monday March 4, I have one spot open. Class is 10-4 $25.00. The description is in the last blog but we are making a wool penny tree in honor of Louise Penny and her series of books kind of  based on a town called Three Pines. All you need to bring is a pair of paper scissors and a pair of wool cutting scissors. Please let me know if you would like to join us. email or cell phone is 503.680.7436

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I'm going to share some family doings.

Ginny had gone to Alaska with her husband, Darren, and they are checking out the

Running of the Reindeer

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Image result for alaska running of the reindeer

Kind of like the Bulls but with Snow!!


Jennifer has a wonderful Etsy shop

Sajou Black Needle Box, miniature box, sewing box, pin and needle storage, wooden box, hinged box, sewing gifts, gift for her, sewing notion
She has a nice selection of things from France and from Japan. I'm going to visit her later this month and to save shipping from The Netherlands, you can email her an order and let her know that I will bring it on my return and she will send you a special order code so that you don't have to pay shipping. She is offering a 20% discount which is in the price you see posted. Let me now if you are ordering so I know how big of a suitcase I need to bring!!


Carrie has the front window exhibit at
Blackfish Gallery
11 - 5 Tuesday through Saturday; other times by appointment
director (at) blackfish (dot) com
420 NW 9th Ave     Portland OR 97209     503.224.2634

She uses amazing ceramics mixed with wool and cotton and beautiful stitching.


Sylvia is going to Mt. Hood to be a Respiratory Therapist and is nearly finished with year one of two. She will make a wonderful therapist as she has suffered with asthma for most of her life.

And Nora spends her days just enjoying life and making her mamma crazy. I am so blessed to have these funny and inspiring ladies in my life. Thanks girls, I love you.


OK, on to quilty things.

Class recap for March

Open Sew days in March

Wed. the 7th
Sunday the 11th and 25th
Monday the 12th
Tue the 20th
Sat. the 24th

then I leave for The Netherlands and classes will resume in April for these days

Sunday the 22nd and 29th
Monday the 23rd and 30th
Wed the 25th
and Sat, the 28th


And now for a few class pictures to encourage you to come and sew with us. We have such fine stitchers who encourage us and supply lots of laughter.

Several are doing this project and they are beautiful.




You can see that whatever else we are doing...there are always fall things in progress too.


Susan P.


Cindy has been very busy!

Susan P.


Wisdom words for March

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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Does it seem like winter to you?

Winter Tree Hello February Image

Who knows? February is often very interesting.


First off is the February calendar

Sundays in February are the 11th and 25

Mondays in February include  5, 12 and 26

Wednesdays include  7 and 28

Thursday the 22nd

Saturday the 24th


In honor of Three Pines, a village in a series of books by Louise Penny, I am offering a class to make the large size tree pictured. These trees represent Fall, Winter and Spring. Inspector Gamache is the main character and many of us have been enchanted with the Ms. Penny series. I wanted to do something to celebrate the satisfaction of reading.

On Monday March 5 from 10-4 we will cut pennies and fashion a penny pine tree.

Loren will be making our lunch and class will include the cone, enough thread to get you started, pins for pinning, tree stand and plenty of wool for cutting. $25.00. Please email or call me to reserve your place. Only 10 spots for this class so we will have plenty of space. I will keep a waiting list if needed and schedule a second class. If you aren't familiar with these books, we will be happy to share our extensive knowledge.


My daughter, Jennifer, who lives in The Netherlands, has an Etsy shop

and a website

She has some very nice notions from France and from Japan. I invite you to take a look. If you order something, mention that you know me and she will make some allowances for the shipping charges.

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A few class pictures

Sorry about the poor quality of this picture. Completely my fault. Susan's wonderful new quilt,

Another of Susan's beautiful work.

Flowers from The Netherlands for my birthday.


A book recommendation:

Plants are Magic

Her second book/ magazine is out and and they are both wonderful reading.

Here's a tiny bit of progress I've made on my hand stitched quilt these last couple of days. And I thought I'd share it alongside the cover of my natural dyeing book (available on Amazon, and as an eBook in my Etsy shop) in case you've only recently stumbled upon my page (hi! 🤗) Swipe across to the left to see a photo with just the fabric 🌿
All the fabric shown is plant based, pretreated in soya milk, and then dyed with plants ~ pomegranate skins, avocado stones, tea, nettles, redwood cones.
It's rewarding to see the slices of colour join together... and I've been enjoying my few moments of sewing each day.
This is going to be a very organic (slightly wonky) quilt, but I'm working with the available time I have and going with it. I'll cut up some new fabric once I've finished my first pile of pieces in my basket.
Making things is my favourite way to unwind my mind... and I often find it energises me. That's why I always like to have a few projects on the go, and a dye pot (or two 🙊) in the kitchen most of the time... All of these ideas and dyes bubbling away make me feel so content. Is crafting your ultimate destress tool as well?

Image of Vol 1. Plants Are Magic Magazine


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Image result for february pictures and quotes
Image result for february pictures and quotes


Thanks again for reading my blog. If you need    or cell #   503.680.7436

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

End of the year news

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With Christmas barely behind us, we are fastly approaching the new year. For me, 2017 has been a stressful year. Not so much personally, but just because of world events. I am hoping 2018 might be just a tiny bit quieter. Thank goodness for Hope and Faith to keep a calm perspective. And, of course our friends, family and quilting do their part to keep us focused.

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First off is the Open Sew schedule for January 2018

Sundays include the 14th and 28th....(11-4)

Mondays include the 8th, 22nd and 29th  (10-4)

Wednesdays include the 10th and 31st (10-4)

Thursdays include the 4th and 18th  (10-4)

Saturday the 27th  (10-4)


Now for some project pictures

Either way this is so cute.  by Susan P





Susan P

You are welcome to come join us in our Open Sew days.

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Out my kitchen window. It is a beautiful but cold morning.

The next two Loren took earlier when the sun shone pink through the trees.


Do you have a motto? I don't do resolutions because I fail! This is one motto I've seen that I like.

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Seems like pretty good words of wisdom.