Friday, September 22, 2017

My favorite time of the year!

Let's get the calendar for October taken care of first.

It will be a little different this month because Loren and I are going to go for a little trip in our Motorhome.

Monday October 2  Open Sew   10-4

Wednesday October 4 Slow Stitch Class  10-4
Please let me know soon if you are coming to this class. I will be making a few surprises for those who register.  $10.00

Friday Oct. 6   10-4

Sunday Oct. 8   11-4

Thur Oct 19   10-4

Sunday Oct 22   11-4

Wed Oct 25  10-4

Sat. Oct 28  10-4

Monday Oct 30.....10-4  Spooky Day
We will celebrate everyone's  birthday on this day!!!!


Now for some pictures

Diana has been working on this Buttermilk Basin BOM and it is turning our so cute.

Renee and her sheep! Aren't they grand!!!

Susan has put BOO on toweling with a wool border. I love the broom.

A Maggi B design

I love this cross stitch design

Bonus day! Nancy bought home made Apple Pie and Loren baked us cookies!

the next picture shows the finished product

Wool and cross stitch. Susan is so inventive!

Susan just finished this and I can't wait to begin. Fall is everywhere.

Several of us are making this and Loren is making us tombstones to attach it to. Soooo cool.


It has been a long summer in my opinion and I am very happy to see rain and cool days!!! I hope you are too.

If there is a class you would like to take or a subject you would liked to explore, I'd love to hear from you. I'm open to new ideas and new projects so please share. This is the time of year when a lot of us like to hibernate and stitch.... let's do it together.

I did read the new Louise Penny book Glass Houses and I love it. Have you read it?????

What is your favorite book that you read this summer?


Image result for fall pictures with pumpkins

Image result for fall pictures with pumpkins

Image result for fall pictures with pumpkins

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Please send me any comments. I enjoy hearing from you.  Betty

Monday, September 4, 2017

Yohoo it's September

But where is the cooler weather!!!!

I am so ready for sweater weather. Anyone else?

My family from
The Netherlands are here until Friday and then they go home. I will miss them, especially Nora.

We built a house with Tinker Toys.

Diggers digging in Farro...Birds like all the ones that fall to the ground.


Recap of Sept class dates.

Sun   9/10

Mon  9/11

Mon 9/18

Wed  9/20

Thur  9/21

Sat  9/23

Sun  9/24

Mon 9/25

Wed  9/27


Picture of Julie Altman's quilt at the Clackamas Co. Fair

She did a  beautiful job.

Shadows during the Eclipse

Pretty interesting how the moon shadows played on the patio.


Class pictures

One of Susan's newest creations

Sandra's Civil War quilt

A different Susan...she is getting ready for then holidays

Susan P finished her wonderful quilt and Heidi quilted it. Perfect.


One of my beautiful roses before the hot weather returned

Peace rose, my favorite.


Louise Penney's new book  Glass Houses is out. I highly recommend her books. She is a great suspense writer and Inspector Gamache is pretty intriguing, smart and I'm pretty sure, handsome.


Thanks to our daughter, Ginny, we got to go to Cirque du Soleil.

Thanks, Ginny, it was great.


First of October classes
We will probably be camping some of the month so I'll only put the first few days and then add more later.

Wednesday 10/4 will be Slow Stitch revisited.  If you couldn't come to the first class, here is your chance to come and stitch with us.

I'm starting to do a monthly slow stitch project.  I had started this a while back and decided to use this as my stitch by month. I'll try to stitch some each day and begin anew each month.

Slow Stitching is just that. Taking time to slow down and even if it's just 5 minutes, try to mindfully stitch something each day. It could be a particular project that you want to spend a little time on or something new or just playing around with stitches.

Join us and learn more about Slow Stitching. Bring hand sewing supplies and I will have samples and fabric and threads to share to get you started. If you came before, bring whatever you have  been working on. 10-4 includes lunch...$10.00


Friday Oct. 6  Open Sew  10-4

Sunday Oct. 8  Open Sew   11-4

That's all I'll put for now.


Fall, fall, glorious fall.

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate you.

Image result for fall pictures

Image result for fall pictures

Image result for fall pictures with pumpkins

Friday, August 11, 2017

Trying out the new laptop again!

I am on a learning curve to get used to this new laptop. I hit the space bar at inopportune times and because of the difference in keyboard, I can't seem to spell. I am sure I will get better.

Our kids from The Netherlands arrive next week so we are getting a bedroom ready for Nora and cleaning like one does when guests are coming. Nora is 3 now and I am looking for some serious playtime.

I am working on a few projects that I thought I'd share.

I started this a long time ago and decided to finish it. I have a friend, Tracy, who has one in her kitchen and it is beautiful.

It is an old Linda Brannock quilt called Gallaxy

This is the book it is from.

Nancy Edmonds took a class from Jen Kingwell and is making this quilt called Halo. I am not so ambitious and only want to make four blocks. Mine are hand pieced and I like them a lot.

I have been making little hexagons for quite a while and couldn't decide what to do with them. When the magazine Quiltfolk came out it had a quilt on the front with blocks like this and I was totally enchanted. I don't know how many I will end up doing but I am so happy with them. Most of the fabric is Jo of my all time favorite designers.


I was looking around and found a blog and then Pinterest....quilts and art work using used tea bags! They are super cool. Check out some on Pinterest or ask me for my Pinterest page and you can see how they are used.  Here are a few that I put in hot water and then dried outside in the hot sun. I used the tea water to dye some cheese cloth and some other items.

This is one that I liked a lot.....screenshot so not the best picture.


I have also been working on a piece that is kind of like slow stitch journaling. I like the ovals and will be adding more stitches and shapes. There is a book called Slow Stitch and it is full of inspiration. You might find it an adventure.


I made this little purse by Maggie Bonanomi some time ago and had it attached to a quilt on the wall. I needed a special bag to take to a wedding and remembered this. It was just the right size for a wallet and phone while looking quite fancy!


Here is September class dates

Sundays are from 11-4   all the rest are 10-4     $10.00 includes lunch

Sunday 9/10

Monday 9/11

Monday 9/18

Wednesday 9/20

Thursday  9/21

Saturday  9/23

Sunday  9/24

Monday  9/25

Wednesday  9/27

I think that's it. I look forward to fall and it's wonderful colors and cool days.

And here are a few looks towards fall.

Image result for fall pictures quotes

Image result for fall pictures quotes

Image result for fall pictures quotes
and an extra one

Image result for fall pictures quotes

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Betty

Friday, July 28, 2017

Loren got a new laptop upon retiring and I'm going to give it a try today. Sure is different from our old computer. Very excellent.

We returned from our camping trip to the Oregon beach and up the Washington coast to Port Angeles and Port Townsend and then down to Oregon again. It was a nice time away. I'll included a few pictures if I can figure out how to do it.

whoopee!!! There is Sharons' cute Christmas project.

Cindy combines her ideas and some of Sue Spargos' and came up with this great quilt. She is amazing.


From our trip

You might not know that this is the bark of a very cool tree that is next to the biggest

Lovely evening watching the sun set.


Now for the August schedule. My Dutch family will be here part of the time so the days are a little different than usual.

Thursday  8/3  10-4

Wednesday 8/9  10-4

Sunday 8/13  11-4

Monday 8/14  10-4

Wednesday  8/16  10-4

Thursday 8/17   10-4

Monday 8/28  10-4

Wednesday 8/30

Very short blog this time!  More later. Thanks for checking in!!  Betty

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July fun in the sun

Retirement day has come for my husband and now we are free to travel. We are off to the beach tomorrow and will be gone for a little while. Here is the schedule for classes in July.

Sat. July 22   10-4  Open Sew/ Spargonians

Sunday July 23 Open Sew   11-4

Monday July 24 Open Sew  10-4

Wednesday July 26 Open Sew  10-4

Monday July 31 Open Sew   10-4

Susan P has finished the top of this quilt that has turned out to be quite popular. It has a wonderful background and beautiful applique.

I've been making Nora a kitty face quilt and with left over fabric I am making a doll quilt. At this stage I had just a few rows left to do.

Another of those beautiful quilts in process.

Getting ready for my favorite season.


Our backyard getting ready for Loren's celebration of retirement!!

My outhouse with the Privy sign

Wider view

We had a great time. 30+  people came to feast on his smoky pork sliders, chicken, oysters and hot dogs. Everyone brought delicious salads and desserts and we feasted the day away. It is nice for him to be finally finished working.

Enjoy your summer and I'll write more when we get back.

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Image result for wisdom in summer

Image result for wisdom in summer