Saturday, July 21, 2018

doing a little dyeing today

I have been saving onion skins and avocado pits and skins and marigolds for some time.  Yesterday I decided to get out the pots and get busy.

This is the onion skin dye. I had two big plastic bags of the skins and it made a pretty dark orangie color. I'll leave the fabric in over night. I have some wool that I will add in a couple of hours.

Avocado skins made a deeper pinkish dye than the pits. I cooked them separately and like the two shades. The pit color is the next picture.

You can see the lighter color.

Marigolds make a very pretty light yellow.
It is always a surprise to see what color comes. Always different.


A reminder of the two special classes coming up soon.

Color Theory Class is Saturday Aug. 4. There are a few spots left so let me know if you'd like to join us. 10-2----$10.00  

Friday August 17 is the Petit Fours class. Pinterest has lots of these type blocks called "inchies".  These are pictures of the ones I have been working on.  It will be fun sharing small bits of lace and fabric to build with. Come and join the fun. 10-2---$10.00

For more information on either class or to register please email me


The class schedule for August is in the previous blog. Here are a few pictures of work being done.

Sue P. did this cool cross stitch and then made it into a extra cool bag. Front above and back below.

Note the beautiful background fabric. Pattern is by Maggie Bononami. Work is by Sue P

Another fabulous background that Sue uses for a Maggie B. pattern

The back of MaryAnn's beautiful quilt. Great stitching

And the front.

MaryAnn has finished her Halloween tree featuring YOYOS!!! Class will be in Oct. to make a yoyo three or you can make a penny tree.


A little summer wisdom

Image result for summer wisdom quotes

Image result for summer wisdom quotes

Image result for summer wisdom quotes

Monday, July 16, 2018

I'm So not enjoying this weather

We just returned from about a week at Nehalem Bay campground, it was a wonderfully peaceful time. Loren's sister came with us and then Ginny and Darren joined us for a nice mini reunion!

Very close to the campground there is a place called Cart m. It's kind of a recycle place (also called The Refindery)  that has cool stuff. Susan Pulford told me about this place and we visited it again. This is some of what they do...Upcycling....go visit if you can.


We made a trip to Manzanita. Fun little town to shop in.

Nice bench to rest on. There were wind surfers having a wonderful ride. It was very windy,


A couple of class pics

Diana scaled down this pattern and made it her own! I love it. 

Denise added beads around the circles and now I need to add them to mine!

So darn inviting

Pennies anyone???


New Classes

Martingale - Yoko Saito's Japanese Taupe Color Theory

On Saturday August 4 from 10-2 we will put together a color wheel of our own. Yoko takes you through her process of choosing colors for the projects in her book.

She has a wonderful sense of color and shows us how she works. Bring your stash of taupes and a glue stick and construct a color wheel to help you begin a project. It's a good skill building exercise. If you are willing to share, cut some of your fabric into 6" squares and do some trading to expand your collection.

Please email me to register as spots are limited. $10.00 will cover hand outs, materials and snacks. 



Petit fours

There is a fun kind of art/quilt around these days called "inchies".  I prefer Petit Fours because they are petite and remind me of delicious little candy bites. Each little square is a unit all it's own and in groups make a pleasant statement.

Friday August 17 from 10-3 come and play with fabric, buttons, lace and ephemera. I will supply threads to choose from and assorted fabrics.

If you would like more pictures of what I have been working on, email me.

To register, email me



August calendar

Sunday classes   11-4

August 12 and 26

all others  10-4


August 6, 13 and 27


August 22


August 17...Petit Fours


August 4   Theory class

August 25


Image result for summer quotes inspirational

Image result for summer quotes inspirational

Image result for summer quotes inspirational


Once again I thank you for reading my blog. I am hoping it is a small source of  enjoyment. It is for me when I write it. I do find that sometimes I write like I text. In very short sentences! I often lose my writing skills in my effort to be quick and precise. If you have any feedback I'd be happy to hear from you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What?? June Already!!


Already over half gone. I don't really love hot weather so I'd just as soon skip to October. Not necessarily the month.....just the temperature.

Here is the calendar for the next few weeks and a few things that I'm working on + a few pics from our latest trip to the beach.

Upcoming classes
This Thursday, the 21st...also Jennifer and Hugo's fifth anniversary

Saturday June 23  10-4

Sunday June 24   11-4

Monday June 25  10-4

Wednesday June 27  10-4


Monday July 2

Thursday July 19

Sunday July 22  11-4

Monday July 23

Wednesday July 25

Saturday July28

Sunday July 29  11-4


My current projects

My friend, Marcie, made this beautiful bag so naturally I want one too. I haven't gotten very far but I love the beauty of it.

This is the book where you can find the pattern.

My friend MaryAnn made a great "penny" rug with hexagons so, of course, I need one too.

A friend of mine, Mary, made this adorable little quilt, I need one too.

Pattern of small unfinished quilt.

 I saw something like this somewhere and I have lots of taupes, so I need one too.

Do you notice a pattern here?

Now this quilt I can  blame on lots of friends.

Pattern that you need so you, too, can participate!


OK, remember the penny trees from a few months ago? We wanted to make Halloween trees?

  In Sept. we can do this. Make a penny tree or as I am doing...a yoyo tree. You can  blame MaryAnn for this idea. I love it.  Mine is in progress. Date coming soon.

Another class in Sept. will be the making of these beautiful Sashiko placemats.

They are made with linen in two colors. They are reversible. They are an extension of our previous Sashiko classes. Quite fun and quick to make. Class date coming soon.
Sound interesting?


We went camping at Ft. Stevens with Ginny and Darren. It started out crazy wet. I mean gobs of rain. Our site was flooded and only due to Loren's masterful parking, were we able to step out of the motor home.

Next morning the sun is out and it's great.

On the way to Astoria we found this tree. I love it.

In Astoria in someone's yard

I love seeing the colors of moss growing on cement

Lots of Huge Queen Anne's Lace

After Ginny and Darren went home we moved down to Nehalem Bay Campground. It was a nice week. We went through Tillamook on our way home for ice cream and their new gorgeous center is open this week, I think. It is really classy.
We are back home for a while. We are going back to Nehalem Bay in July with Ginny and Darren.

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Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. If you have class ideas or questions please write me

Friday, May 25, 2018

May Happenings

It's been a busy month. We just came home from a few days traveling around Oregon.  We drove about 500 miles and saw such beautiful parts of Oregon. Here are a few pictures and the June calendar,

We drove to Sisters by way of the Clackamas River and Detroit Lake

We took a huge amount of pictures but I'll spare you!
We stayed at Detroit Lake and then at Tumalo Falls and then Prineville Res.

We drove through the Painted Hills. They are quite simply amazing.

I love the close up of the parched land.

Mayville....not much here but lovely old buildings

So charming

We stayed in Fossil the last night and walked up a hill that looks over a lot of the area and the town.

  There is a LOT of Oregon with no people, no cars and peaceful quietness. 


June classes

Sunday June 24    11-4

Monday June 4 and 25

Wednesday  June  6 and 27

 Thursday June 21

Saturday June 23

We are going to Ft. Stevens with Ginny and Darren to celebrate Loren's birthday during those empty days.


Class pictures

Such beautiful work





Lastly, our backyard. It is such a peaceful place. Thanks to Loren's hard work and Carrie watering while we were away.

I love it when the poppies and the Iris bloom at the same time.
Lily's are coming up in front of them.

Roses are starting to bloom. Nice.


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Image result for june wisdom pictures
Image result for june wisdom pictures

and one more

Image result for june wisdom pictures

Thanks for reading my blog, Betty