Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fabulous Fall

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Fall Wonderful Fall!!!

For me this is the most wonderful time of the year. I love sweater weather, the fall colors and the Pumpkins. I even found white pumpkins to bring home.

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Here is the schedule for the rest of September

Open Sew Thursday September 15    10-4

Open Sew Monday September 19  10-4

Open Sew Saturday September 24   10-4

Open Sew Sunday September 25  11-4

Open Sew Monday and Wednesday   26 and 28   10-4


New Class Added

Wednesday October 12

This is a one day class to work on a project designed by Janet Bolton. 

The class will be from 10-4 with lunch  $15.00

I will provide her books to use as a guide and we will pick a small picture project to work on. 

Here are a few pictures of her work.

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Look up Janet Bolton images for more.

She lives outside of  London and does whimsical art pictures. It is a nice technique to try even if you only do one. More free form than most of us quilters are used to working with.

I hope you will take a leap in creativity and stretch yourself with me. It is somewhat out of my comfort zone but fun.

I'll send a supply list when you email me that you'd like to come.



Now for some pictures

Isn't this great. It's Julie's


I think these are Carol's....my memory isn't great


Have to get this one in quick!

Nancy's project by Rebekah L Smith

I love Sandra's quilt...A Bonnie Sullivan pattern. I think I have to make it. And so does MaryAnn.

Another Nancy project using Rebekah L Smith pattern

They might not forgive me as they didn't want to be in the picture but it is soooo cute.

Barb's beauty. She took several Sue Spargo designs and created her own. 

Another kitty being born! This one by Carol.

Thanks for everyone sharing their creations. I apologize if I get your name wrong or forget who does which. I love them all.


Wisdom Words...not so much wisdom but happiness!

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