Friday, January 17, 2014

A Few Reminders

I don't know about you, but I am always checking my planner to see what comes next. I keep it all written down so I don't have to strain my brain to remember. Good thing because I forget a lot. With that in mind I am sending you some reminders of up coming events in my studio. If you look at the last couple of blogs you will see pictures of next classes that are planned.

Here they are by dates:

Tomorrow Sat. Jan 18 Live Simply at my studio 10-2

Sat. Jan 25 Prairie Women at Pioneer and Spargonians at Pioneer....the fun begins at 10

Sunday Jan. 26 at my studio is the Civil War Box Noon-4 or whenever.

****Special Open House day at my Studio Friday January 31 from 10-4. Come and stitch as long as you want and we will celebrate Chinese New Year...just for the fun of it. You are invited to see my studio and see the samples of up coming classes. Email for address...

At Pioneer Wednesday Feb 5 and 12 part one of Hand Piecing

Monday Feb 10 Girl Gang at Pioneer 10:30 - 1

Sat. Feb. 22 Prairie Women and Spargonians at Pioneer

At Pioneer Wednesday Feb.26 and March 5 Part 2 of Hand Piecing

Wednesday Mar. 12 at Pioneer is an all day class to make the Civil War Needle Roll.

Those are the main events planned so far. Tomorrow at the Live Simply class we will be scheduling our next Pin cushion class and the next Live Simply class. 

Here is a picture of Sharon's snowman from our last class.

Very handsome, don't you think.

And this is my Pumpkin Make Do from this Tuesday's class.

It was fun to do. You really should consider joining us for these classes. You learn new skills! 

I am hoping to entice you to come to the Civil War Sewing Box class on Sunday the 26th. it is made with paper hexagons sewn together and then we make lovely little additions. 

The last two blog posts have pictures of all the upcoming classes.

Hugo and Jennifer are back in The Netherlands. They announced the news of being pregnant on Facebook so I can write it here also! Pretty exciting. My only other grandchild is my Sylvia who is 17. She will graduate shortly before the new one is born! I am very happy about the news.


Are you reading any good books?

I just finished 

It really is a beautiful bittersweet book. I learned about the internment camps and more about the feelings between the Japanese and Chinese families during the war. I recommend it. 

Also, I  finished reading the 8 books by Louise Penny about Chief  Inspecter Armand Gamache. They are set in Quebec and are very intriguing as well as heart warming. The picture is of the latest one and, I think, the best.   I read all these books compliments of my lovely sharing friends! Let me know what books you are enjoying.


 Henny Penny table runner by Maggie Bonanomi - LOVE this one! by Susi Seyller

This is my newest project...this is a finished one. Mine is...

not this complete! I love Maggie's patterns and am enjoying this one very much.

Still not sure about the bird color. He isn't really quite this orange...

Here is my email address   I'll send you my address if you send me a note. Hope you will come to the open house or one of the classes.    Here is the address of my Etsy shop.

Thanks for sharing my love of quilting.

Wisdom Words:  A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.  ~Herm Albright, quoted in Reader's Digest

Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

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  1. Cute chicken! Lots of fun projects going on. Good quotes too! Happy fog day today.