Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The wedding is almost here!

As most of you know, my daughter Jennifer, is getting married next Friday. She is on her way to Portland from Lincoln City now to pick up Hugo tomorrow. She is finished with school and can look forward to finishing all the wedding details. I am very proud of her and all she has accomplished. She stayed in Lincoln City this school year and finished out her contract when she would have liked to go be with her sweetie. It hasn't been an easy time teaching in that small town for a big city girl. Here she is with Hugo.

He is a very nice man and I give her to him for safe keeping.

Since I last wrote I have been to quilt market and I must say, that was a blast. Saw so many people that I knew from the old Quilting B days and it was nice visiting with them again. Most special person that I got to see was Sue Spargo. Dinner was delish...

I ordered some things and picked up some Valdani variegated Perle cotton. It is just wonderful to sew with.

One place we visited was Salt and Straw, the ice cream place??? If you haven't found this, you need to.

I couldn't take a picture of their sign because there was a bright light above it and the picture was awful, so I took this picture of ....well, you can tell.

Here is the web address   Really great ice cream with some very odd flavors.

We did celebrate Sue's birthday in our last Spargonian class. She wasn't here but we had cupcakes anyway. Next are some of the projects that we are working on.

We all had a great time. There is so much creativity in that room that it is amazingly inspiring!!

Last weekend we celebrated my husband, Loren's birthday at Sherwood Days. There were lots of vintage cars and booths and we make it an annual event. Here are some of the cars.

OK, so enough of the cars. Ginny and I did a little shopping and ended up in the Cupcake shop.

Really, really good. The chocolate/peanut butter had a baby Reeses Peanut Butter cup on top! If you get to Sherwood, stop and have a treat.


Here is the schedule for the next month. At Pioneer Quilts on Saturday June 22 will be our regular Spargonian class and the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle class. My friend, Karen, will be teaching these  because I will be in Lincoln City with the wedding party. Please come and share with Karen. Bring lots of Show and Tell and have a good time. I will be with you again next month.

Girl Gang will be Monday July 8 at Pioneer Quilts. You are invited. I also teach a class at Quilters Corner that is on the first Friday of each month. We work on any wool projects that appeal to us!  10-1.


Primitive Quilts and other Projects class will be in my Studio on Sunday July 14th from noon to 4. We will be working on the Crow on the Pumpkin wall hanging found in the Fall 2011 issue. If you don't have that issue, you can talk to me about getting a picture.

After the wedding I will plan a few more classes. First things first. I am still wanting to do a Pincushion of the Month group. Any interest???? Sharon has LOTS of patterns and I think that one can never have too many so share your ideas with me PLEASE.


Wisdom Words...Look for the good in your family and friends and co-workers and tell them what you see. Encourage someone. Smile. Think of a silly question to ask someone unexpectedly. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I am happy to share some thoughts with you and I am so blessed that you take the time to look. 

Betty Anderson

cell number: 503.680.7436


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  2. Congratulations to you, Betty, on your daughter's wedding. May Jennifer and Hugo have a wonderful day and a life filled with God's blessings. See you soon.