Monday, March 23, 2015

Doll Class Quilts

I started this earlier and it crashed and I lost all that I had written. Maybe a sign to rethink. I wanted to say a few words about Cultivating.

  1. To cultivate is designed as to prepare land to grow something or to nurture and cause growth, either literally or figuratively.
    1. An example of cultivate is when you prepare land to farm on it.
    2. An example of cultivate is when you cause carrots to grow.
    3. An example of cultivate is when you work to create a friendship and help that friendship grow.
    4. An example of cultivate is when you decide to learn about wine so you can expand your appreciation for it and learn to more deeply enjoy the taste of it.
I like the definition. We cultivate all kinds of things.  

I love flowers although I'm not a very good gardener. I don't like bugs and I really don't like dirt under and in my fingernails. I love snowdrops and look forward to seeing them each year.  

We have a few lettuce plants that weathered the frosty weather and I love to eat those young leaves.

Herbs are coming back and I can't wait to go to the nursery to get flowers to fill my pots.

These are fun things to cultivate. I like the idea of cultivating a space for quilting. Getting things together, finding new beautiful fabric, meeting with friends for inspiration. All cultivating our skills.

Like cultivating our friendships. It's easy to be too busy to put in the time that it takes to make good friends. I love spending time with groups and stitching together. This is good cultivation but to make long lasting great friends, it takes extra time having fun together, laughing, sharing and sometimes crying. These are the precious things in life. Works with having close families also.


My friend Leigh has been busy making some beautiful quilts. She sent me this picture and I want to share it with you.

Oh, those little yoyos!


Now to our class. Nine ladies came on Saturday to begin our Doll Quilt class. We are making doll quilts in any pattern that suits us.

When everyone arrived I had done a little decorating to the room.

Some of my little doll things.

For lunch we had tea and small sandwiches.

Sandra brought some of her old doll quilts and a couple of special dolls.

Aren't they wonderful?  More.....

Now for a few pictures of work in progress. 

MaryAnn did a great job of hand quilting.

Hand piecing a small strip quilt.

More hand piecing.

It was a fun day and I think we will all enjoy our finished projects. Some of us purchased small doll beds to display our quilts on. It will be fun to see how much we have progressed  by our next class. Thanks to all of you who came. I had a great time.

Until next time.....keep on quilting!

Betty Anderson


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  1. Betty these are wonderful. Wish I had been there!