Monday, August 17, 2015

Fall is in sight

I know many of you like summer. I know some that think Oregon is gray and cloudy and rains a lot. I think a lot of us now will wonder what happened to that Oregon. I am hoping that it will come back in a few weeks. My plants have suffered and I only have dried grass that comes in with my dogs every time they go out. Vacuuming??? What's the point! 

I am making a promise that I will not complain when chilly. I love sweater weather and mine are all ready to be put on. Pumpkins and hay bales and fall flowers and all that.....bring it on!!

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Next is a list of classes for the rest of the month and then I am happy to let you know of new offerings for Sept. Since it has been so warm, I have spent a lot of time roaming around blogs looking for things you might find interesting.   This is my current favorite. I started at what I think is the beginning of their blogging in 2009 and read all the way through.  This is another one that features Blackbird designs.  Another one you might like.

On to classes for August

This Sat. August 22 is our regular Spargonian Day class 10-4  $10.00 includes lunch

All of the classes with the exception of Sunday Open Sew days are 10-4, $10.00 and includes lunch. Sunday classes are 11-4, otherwise same.

This Sunday August 23 is Open Sew...11-4


Thursday Sept 3  Autumn Fun ...we work on any fall projects 

Friday Sept 4 is First Friday...bring any hand stitching project

Friday Sept 11 is Reets/ Rebekah day....if you have Reets Rags to Stitches projects or are beginning Rebekah L Smith projects, this is for you.

Sunday Sept 13 is Open Sew


Now for the New Stuff

Saturday Sept 12 10-4 including lunch will be $25.00. We will be working on this really cool old-time sewing box

It is made of chip board and the one pictured is made using brushed cotton or homespun. Hexagons are covered on the inside and out. The one I am making next will have wool on the outside.

The class fee will include pattern and I have glue and thread and pretty much whatever you need. I will have a supply list for you when you sign up. 

In the pictures you can see a scissor holder, cording, bobbins. a pin cushion on top, and a strawberry on the top flap. 

It is fun to do and I hope you will sign up. 


Another new class is scheduled for Monday Sept 21 and is Paper Mache boxes covered with fabric or you can go all out and make a wool penny rug for the top.

We use glue or mod podge to affix the fabric and there are paper circles glued to the inside bottom of the box and inside the lid. You can add trim or wool pieces or buttons to embellish.
When you sign up I will get you a supply list. The boxes are a little hard to find, I'm finding them on Ebay. If you need me to get you one, let me know. You might want to work on two or three at once, so they can dry. I have paper and glue and even fabric (imagine that!) for you to use.

$25.00 will be the cost and includes lunch. Please email me to sign up or ask questions.


I'm going to be ordering scissors at the end of the week so I need to know which ones you want.  This is the place to look. Email me for prices. 


Rebekah L Smith has her new book out and it is wonderful.   You can see her book and link to her blog. Keep October 19 open for a class featuring her work. She has some beautiful color combinations and her unique stitching brings her designs to life. We will choose a project of hers to work on.

Image result for rebekah l smith

Image result for rebekah l smith

A bit of her designs.

Autumn thoughts

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey, "Autumn," a haiku year, 2001, as posted on

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~Jim Bishop

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  1. I love the hexagon sewing box! I live in SC or I would be at your house to take the class-do you or someone else sell the pattern? I would love to make one. I found your blog from a google search for Linda Brannock designs. I love her patterns-I was so sorry to hear she had passed away. My email is