Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4th

I hadn't realized it had been a month since I wrote! Tune flies when you live such a fun life!

I have lots of pictures to show you. Pictures of so many outstanding projects. You may notice a theme going on of WOOL, lovely Wool!

First some wool that I dyed this week.

Fun to do.

This is a Maggie Bonanomi design done by Judy.

Another Maggie design also being done by Judy

MaryAnn did something nice for Sharon and Sharon made her this lovely quilt.

Another Maggie design done by Renee

Now I have forgotten who is doing this. So Sorry.

Marlene has been working on this amazing pieced quilt.

Karla is creating this cuteness from the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine

Sharon is getting ready for a season coming sooner than we think!

Cindy is working on Sue Spargo Cups!

Marcie is doing beautiful cross stitch

Another Sue Spargo design done by Gail.

Not a snow bird but a Sue Bird done by Barbara

Nancy Friensen found this cute holder on and it has a blackboard on the other side.
Perfect for a very small quilt that I did.

Susan made this Kindred Spirit pattern some time ago. It truly is timeless and I may have to make one for myself.

Susan put this Maggie design together in record time. It is dimensional with floating flowers.

I love Carol's Pumpkin!

Karla's rabbit is a Rebekah L Smith design.

And Another Karla creation design by Rebekah L Smith

See what you are missing! We have such a great time and there are some many creative things to do. You are invited to join us for any Open Sew.

Times in May are: Sundays are from 11-4
All other days are 10-4

$10.00 includes lunch


Tomorrow Thursday May 5 Open Sew 

No class on Sunday Mothers Day

Monday May 9 Open Sew

Monday May 16 Open Sew or Knit

Thursday May 19 Open Sew ( Maggie Day )

Saturday May 21 Open Sew

Sunday May 22 Open Sew

Monday May 23 Open Sew

Wednesday May 25 Open Sew

Saturday May 28 Open Sew (Spargonians)

Any ????  call Betty at 503.680.7436 or email at


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Thanks for looking, Betty

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