Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beautiful Cloudy Portland

I am so happy for the clouds today. I know summer is supposed to be hot, but it is not my favorite weather condition. This is much more to my liking. Sweaters are a great fashion necessity.

We went camping last weekend at Memaloose campground in the Columbia Gorge. We left on Friday and as we came past Hood River noticed a lot of smoke. It was the train derailment in Mosier. We made it to the campground and then the hosts came by and told us that we couldn't leave the camp area. The highway was closing and it would be at least the next day before anyone could travel. That was fine with us as we weren't planning to leave. I was sorry for those who had left early and then could not come back in.

The campground is nice and except for it being 100 degrees while we were there, we had a nice time.

Rudy enjoyed the view from a table top!

Our view in the evening.

Love this droopy tree.


Yesterday Sylvia and I went along with Carrie's High School Art Students on a field trip to the Portland Art Museum. It was a beautiful day and we ate lunch at the Farmers Market.

Love the colors in this piece.

Nice to see Monet's lily pads.

And the famous Cats!!


Schedule for the rest of June

This coming Sunday June 12 and Sunday June 26 are Open Sew days from 11-4

Monday June 13 is Girl Gang/Open Sew 10-4

Thursday June 16 is Open Sew 10-4

Saturday June 18 is Open Sew  10-4

Monday June 20 is Open Sew  10-4

Saturday June 25 is Spargonians/Open Sew  10-4

Monday June 27  Open Sew 10-4

Wednesday June 29  Open Sew  10-4

Saturday JULY 2 Open Sew 10-4


I am adding some things to my Etsy shop including patterns by our local designer Nancy Friesen.You can see these at


Now for some pictures of on going projects that will inspire you and encourage you to stitch along with us!

Summer colors from Marlene

Well, Nancy, I can't make it print right side up! Sorry

Love this cross stitch 

This is Barb's Maggie B 

MaryAnn finished her Maggie B quilt. It is quite spectacular.

MaryAnn and her Topiary

and MaryAnn's Live Each Season. Several of us did this and it has been arranged into different configurations and it looks wonderful.

Judy is getting a jump on the holidays!

Two color ways of doing a Sue Spargo design

Look at this beautiful finished quilt from a Sue Spargo design

I think this is Diana's....Sorry if I get the name wrong...You know you did a beautiful job.

Judy's snowmen...I think I must do this one. So so cute

Renee's cutest kitty.


Words of Wisdom

Image result for june words of wisdom

Image result for june words of wisdom
I must say that I love this one.

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