Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday July 25

I just got back from my two week visit to my Dutch family. I love the time spent with them and having the privilege to get acquainted with Nora is beyond fun. Here are a few of the pictures I took in the last weeks.

I made Nora an ABC quilt and then made her a dolly quilt to go with it. I wanted to get her a dolly and this is the one she picked.

She had her second birthday while I was there and we had a couple of parties for her. The kids live in a newly purchased 100 year old house that I love.

I made her a couple of dresses and though they are a little long....she makes it cute.

Groningen, The Netherlands is a beautiful town with canals and many old brick buildings. There are zillions of bicycles and a pedestrian needs to keep to their own walkway or take a chance of getting run over.

A few days before I was to return home we went on a little road trip. This is Burg Vischering in Germany. It is surrounded with a water moat and is just beautiful. They were doing some maintenance and we couldn't go in but you can walk all the way around and it is quite beautiful.

We went on to Cologne which is an awesome city. We visited the Kolner Dom Cathedral. It is so huge and magnificent.
My pictures didn't do any kind of justice to its majesty.

Upon arrival to our Air BnB we went across the street and had

Kolsch beer. It was delicious.

Cologne is a beautiful city and we did some walking and just looking around.

In the cathedral there were sections of the floor that would make great quilt blocks!

We went to this wonderful pub and had traditional Curry sausage and fries.


Bridge across the Rhine.

The next day we traveled on to Selengenstadt. A lovely small town where enjoyed walking around the square and had another wonderful meal! There is some fine food in Germany! It was a bitter sweet evening spent with my far away family. I had to fly out the next morning and that last night being with Nora made me tear up a lot.

The gift of memories is a wonderful thing. Sometimes they are hard memories to live with but often they are so sweet. I would always choose to go and make memories even thought leaving is very hard....better than not to have enjoyed time spent with those I love.


Next blog there will be new quilting pictures! 

The schedule of classes for the next couple of weeks are as follows.

This Wed. July 27 Open Sew 10-4

Saturday July 30 Open Sew/Spargo  10-4

Sunday July 31 Open Sew    11-4

Thursday August 4  Open Sew  10-4

Monday July 8 Open Sew/Girl Gang   10-4

Hope to see you any of those days. As much as I love going, I do love coming home to my family and friends and stitching.

If I can answer any questions or if you have thoughts to share.....I'm at



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