Friday, March 24, 2017

A Day in March

First thing I'll give you is the class schedule for the rest of March and all of April.

Tomorrow Sat. March 25 is Open Sew from 10-4

Sunday March 26 is Open Sew  11-4

Monday March 27 is Open Sew  10-4

Wednesday March 29  is Open Sew  10-4


Thursday April 6 is Open Sew  10-4

Sunday April 9 is Open Sew  11-4

Monday April 10 is Open Sew  10-4

Wednesday April 12 is Open Sew   10-4

Monday April 17 is Open Sew  10-4

Thursday April 20 is Open Sew  10-4

Saturday April 22 is Open Sew  10-4

Sunday April 23 is Open Sew   11-4

Monday April 24 is Open Sew 10-4  

Wednesday April 26 is Open Sew   10-4

You are invited to come and join us. Each class is $10.00 and includes lunch.


Earlier this month we had our Boro Collage Class. Ten amazingly creative people came together and designed their own collages. Below are samples of what we started. Thanks to Sarah, Gail, Marlene, Susan O , Susan P, MaryAnn, Alison, Nancy, Marci, and Karla for sharing their day with me.

I love this piece, beautiful colors and great background.

Karla has this collage down perfect. She is amazing.

Classy Beginning....notice the chop sticks??? Lunch utensils.

Sorry about the quality of this picture. So many fun ways to place a background.

Note the texture in Susan's background.

Gail is putting her Sashiko stitching expertise to good use.

This is MaryAnn's beginning for her tribute to her Grandmother.

Nancy has a bag in mind for her project. 

Alison is making great progress.

Marlene has a way with color and is on a mission to finish!!

MaryAnn is at the finish line of her beautiful tribute using memorabilia from her Grandmother 

Marci is using beautiful creams and blues for her background.

I hope I get the chance to see all these projects when they are finished. These ladies were such an inspiration to me. We stepped out of our comfort zone and tried new skills. Keeps life interesting. Thanks to all of you who came and participated. It was a wonderful day.


Next for a new class in May exploring Stitch Journals. It will be fun.

Spring is coming soon......I just know it. Here are a few thoughts that I borrowed for you.

Image result for spring wisdom quotes

Image result for spring wisdom quotes
Image result for spring wisdom quotes

Image result for spring wisdom quotes

Any questions or comments can be sent to     I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and I will you a wonderful April. Betty

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