Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thoughts on a blustery Thursday

I am writing this blog on Wednesday morning and there are trees down and water everywhere and I hope you are all doing OK. We are fortunate to have not lost power or had any water problems thus far. 


I learned about something new this week and want to share that today. Have you heard of Nanny Pins? Last week I posted about a blog hosted by Cee Rafuse and she has a Facebook page called

She talks about a site called

Scattered Seed Samplers

Nanny pins were brooches worn by the Nanny of the house,
which contained emergency sewing sets for repairs if
the children tore a garment while playing. 

She has some beautiful pictures and lots of information. I think these are really cool.

Image result for nanny pins

One end unscrews to reveal a cylinder with thread wrapped 
around a needle case which holds a needle and pin.
Image result for nanny pins

Image result for nanny pins

I know you have seen versions of this available now as magnets to hold your pins and needles as you sew.

Image result for nanny pins

I think these are fascinating.

Here is a Pinterest page with some that are available.

If you have any of these or know more about them, I'd love to hear from you. What about books that mention them?


Just a short blog today. Getting ready for my Dutch family to arrive next week.

The classes for the rest of 2015 are:

Friday 10-4

Sunday 11-4

Monday 10-4 

In the new year we will have our regular classes and some new ones like Hand Piecing, Early styles of Penny Rugs and I'm hoping for a guest teacher or two.

I hope your holiday preparations are going well.

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Image result for winter wisdom quotes

Thanks, Betty

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