Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday in Sherwood

When we arrived in Sherwood, Darren was mowing the grass. Their little dog was doing her usual routine of placing her ball in front of the lawnmower so that Darren has to stop and toss it for her. When he was finished, this is what she looked like.

Meet Pippi Greenstockings! The grass was wet and after she ran all over catching her ball, she was grass-stained all up her dainty legs!

We walked downtown with all five dogs...who were a parade by themselves to look at the vintage are a couple of the many.

One of my favorite greens!

After walking a few more blocks we found an old house that was open for viewing. There were quilts, and beds, cribs and a spinning wheel. On the back porch was a wringer and tubs and they had done a wash and pegged the clothes on the line. Very cool.

The quilts were very nice, keep on enjoying.

Right next door was a roped off room with old school furnishings inside. The old desks were small and a nice blackboard was ready for doing math.

After touring a few more blocks we walked back to Ginny and Darrens. The sun peeked out in the afternoon and it was a great ending to a fun day. The dogs were weary when we got home. Very quiet and subdued after all their excitement. It is a nice town with lots of places to enjoy. You might want to visit sometime.

Sunday's wisdom.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23v1

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  1. Yeah, Betty! I am enjoying your posts and will check back often!!!!