Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three beginnings

This has been a busy week. Our daughter, Jennifer went to France for several weeks. Our daughter, Carrie bought a travel trailer. We set me up for a quilt show, and Loren began serious work on our garage to turn it into a studio for me.

Here is the cool old trailer that is now sitting beside our house. She is redoing the floors and other assorted things that need attention. This is the first of the three beginnings.

Next we see Carrie in her space mask...needful for the sealer that went on the floor...still stinks!
Here are the floors right before being sealed..pretty awesome, right!?

First number two. The garage. An ordinary garage filled with 30 years accumulation. It once contained a bedroom for Jennifer, now it will be my domain. Here is a barn board, more coming to cover the walls, and then the tin that will cover the ceiling.

Already I have placed two big tables and my music box and have done some sewing in the place where I dream of putting all my fabric and sewing treasures. I am pretty excited for this to be happening. More updates soon.

And the third beginning is my spot at the Sandy Quilt Show. It begins tomorrow and I have the pleasure of being their featured quilter. Loren helped me set up my space with the help of Rex who is the husband of Susie who is my neighbor at the quilt show. She and Arlene own Quilters Corner in Milwaukie.

Tomorrow I will take pictures of some of the quilts in the show and let you see what you are missing if you haven't come yet.

Wisdom Words for today:
Don't trade what you want most for what you want at the moment.

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  1. Beautiful display of your work at the Sandy Q Show, Betty! Excited about your studio!