Monday, October 29, 2012

Aurora Oregon Quilt Show and Jo Morton Class

Aurora Quilt Show
Oct. 2012

I have loved going to Aurora for many years. We have shopped for antiques for The Quilting B and have been to the Strawberry Social in the spring and even gone caroling in the Christmas season. Several years ago my husband and I were checking out the quilt show and bought a ticket for the raffle of a red and white Trip Around the World quilt. Some time later I received a phone call from "Patrick" who said I had won the quilt. I thought my husband was tricking me, but it was really the truth. Pretty cool.

Here are a few of the quilts we saw this year.

This is a friendship quilt with lots of embroidered signatures.

L O N G Bench

I love the old log cabin. If you've been inside you know the warm  fire is crackling and cookies and apple juice await you. In the back part of the house there is lots and lots of stuff to look at! They sell notions and linens and old quilt books,etc. Always fun to see if there is anything that we can't live without.

Loren and Dorothy check out more quilts in the house next door.

Upstairs the little bedrooms showcase more quilts. A stove to keep a family cozy and...

another bed with more quilts.  It was a great trip. More memories tucked away to think about for a long time

Back at home, our cat Henry has taken up residence in a grocery sack in the kitchen.

He is kind of a weird kitty and is getting old. He often sleeps up on the back of Loren's recliner, but this day the sack must have suited his fancy.

On Saturday at Pioneer Quilts, we enjoyed our last meeting of the Jo Morton group for this year. We have been making small quilts all year and celebrated with some fall treats and showed off our work. Here are just a few of the many that were made.

Here is Pam with her tiny squares. If you can make it out in the center, she has arranged the small squares into a heart.

another view.

Love the fall colors in this sweet little quilt.

Gail with her blueberry pie quilt.

Another charmer. Note all the applique. Just beautiful.

Sarah shows her tiny little squares....This is not easy!!

And Sharon with her small quilt. One of the things that we love about the Jo quilts is their small size. In January we will begin a new series using Jo Morton fabric but patterns will be from the
Prairie Women's Sewing Circle. Stay tuned for more information.

Wisdom Words...Contentment is not dependent on your circumstances. Contentment in not a destination, it's a way you move through the universe.

Taken from our lesson by John Mark at Solid Rock yesterday.

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