Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happenings around October 10

This weekend starts Open Studio in the Portland area. My daughter Carrie aka Carolyn Hazel Drake is a participant and this picture is on the advertisement for the event.

Photo of Drake

Portland artists once again throw open the doors to their studios October 13/14 & 20/21. It's a rare chance to watch artists in their own workspaces; from jewelers, to painters, designers, sculptors and more. Portland Open Studios board member Careen Stoll lets us into her cozy workspace in SE Portland for a closeup look at the process.

Here are some pictures that I took of her work.

Here is a link to see more about Open Studio

In August we celebrated my granddaughters 16th birthday. Our talented neighbor, Rachel, made the yummy cake.....

Here is one and only best ever grandchild

Today at Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas  I taught a class on making yoyos! If you have never had the opportunity to make there, you are missing a real treat!!!! Here is some of the work in reluctant students didn't want to have there faces included so just work-in-progress is shown!!

A couple of weeks ago in a really full class we made some sewing rollups and these two are among the finished ones....Done by Dee and Sharon.

A couple of friends of mine Nancy and Beverly are making the pattern for a sewing box that Beverly designed. It will be available soon and I get to teach a class on making it in January. I think it is wonderful. Here is my version.

My last little bit of news is a picture of my daughter Jennifer and her main squeeze from The Netherlands. He is here visiting until this weekend.

Having a big scoop of Tillamook icecream!!!

Pioneer Quilts is a part of Sew Oregon.


Here is a link for more info

Fun time in the Fall. Take time to enjoy our last bit of wonderful weather. It has been a great run of warmth!

Wisdom Words for today:

From Mark 9 verse 23  Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."

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